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Yet more on the mighty BiG AL...Here are some things I am into other than music. Which of course, may not seem much compared to music, because music is my life! :-)

As you might have been able to tell, I'm into computers. I plan to be some type of computer engineer, something in that area. One other thing I love about computers, is making web pages. I love promoting stuff!!!!!! No, this isn't my computer here, my is custom made....learn here

Larisa Oleynik                                                                                                                                       Gillian AndersonNow I'm not much for swooning over celebrities but it seems these two have won me over. Larisa Oleynik (otherwise known as Alex Mack on 'The Secret World Of Alex Mack'), and Gillian Anderson (best known as Agent Dana Scully on 'The X-Files'). They are simply beautiful....and I'm hooking up with one of them this Friday....yeah, I wish!!!!! ;-) Check out my Larisa and Gillian pic gallery by clicking on either of their pictures.....

The X-Files

Mulder & Scully

 Yet another appearance of Scully ;-) This is of 2 of my favorite TV shows. I hardly watch TV, but when I do you'll find me watching either The X-Files or......late night TV with.....well.....keep searching the page for who that may be!


Everyone likes movies..of course I do. I mainly like comedy and horror, but If I like it, I'll watch it! Check out some of me favorite movies and what I think about them here.


Late Show With David Letterman

David LettermanYep, It's the Late Show with DAVID LETTERMAN that you'll find me watching if it's not The X-Files. He's the most famous guy in show biz!!!! ;-)