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Like I was saying, ever since I was 10 years old, my goal was to play the drums. On the month of May 1998 I finally convinced my dad to let me start lessons. So we traveled up to the local music store and checked things out. I ended up coming home that night with my first lesson scheduled and a drum kit (which contains a snare drum, stand, sticks and case). Before this time I played my drums in a different way, air drumming! 5 years of air drumming. Sometimes I spent more time air drumming then I did sleeping - no kidding! I was determined to get drums sometime. I was pretty good at it too! ;-)

I didn't have my set yet, but things looked good. I was supposed to get a MAXX set from my 2nd cousin, but that deal didn't end up going through. And I couldn't wait much longer so I kept buggin' my dad. In the first week of October 1998 he agreed to let me go out looking for drums. My good buddy Joe, the drummer of Sanctorum, took me to Guitar Center to help search out the perfect set. We also checked out Lentine's Music later that week. We found a YAMAHA Stage custom that looked ideal enough. I set out to compare prices and try to get the best deal. After a week of looking, I came home with my first set, a YAMAHA State Custom 5 piece set.

Now just to learn and progress with my set is my goal, along with my lessons. I hope to be involved in many projects with me as a drummer. Please check out the rest of my drum page and enjoy....Maybe I can make some new drummers out, or meet some!

The Top 11 Of My Favorite Drummers

1. Phil Collins - Genesis

2. Chester Thompson - Genesis Tour Drummer

3. Raymond Herrera - Fear Factory

4. Igor Cavelera - Sepultura

5. Neal Peart - Rush

6. Hellhammer - Covenant/Mayhem

7. Bill Tolley - Internal Bleeding

8. Paul Mazurkicwicz - Cannibal Corpse

9. Lars Ulrich - MetallicA

10. Carter Beauford - Dave Matthews Band

11. Joe Waltz - Sanctorum