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Genesis In Dublin

I had the pleasure of attending the Genesis gig in the Point last night.
This was my first ever Genesis show after being a fan for 11 year.
Its been 26 years since they played in Ireland last and I wasnt'
disappointed. The band came on stage at 8:15. The set list was the
same as that for Cardiff. I was amazed at how some of the songs took
on a whole new life when heard live. NSOM was cool. Domino and TDL
were very strong. I loved Anthonys FOF solo. I think its so much more
interesting than Daryl's version. Nir deserves credit for his drum
solo on TDL. Thanks to Mike the Mechanic for getting me into the front
row in front of Tony. The crowd weren't very agile at all. It seemed
more like a classical music recital for a long time as people just sat
there. Things livened up a bit with the accoustc set which I loved and
it was great to see Tony on guitar. IT got them going properly though.
Mama is now even more brilliant than it ever was. It sent a shiver
through me as it reverberated around the hall. What a song. Ray does
it so well. I didn't miss Phil at all which is great credit to Ray.
He's very confident and extremely professional. Domino knocked me out
becuase it was just so powerful. Even without the screens it rocked.
I was so scared while taking photos in case I would distract Tony but he
wasn't phased. We kept the Tony chants going and it was worth it at the
end because he smiled and waved to us! All in all I enjoyed myself
immensly. It was great meeting the paperlaters too. What a night, I
can't wait for the next time.