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I have thought for many years that Genesis are always at their best when
they are pushed into proving themselves - fave albums have always included
"And Then There Were Three" and A Trick of the Tail". I went to the concert
already converted to the new sound because I feel that CAS is the strongest
set Genesis has done since the first side of "Genesis" !!

The concert at Manchester Nynex (6th March 1998)conveyed that renewed vigour
to Genesis. Any concert that had Domino, Home By The Sea and The Dividing
Line as major set pieces was going to be great. The lights and videotrons
worked well and Ray Wilson proved that Mike and Tony had done their work
well in choosing him as the new singer. The other star has got to be Nir -
who was excellent throughout - and he should be signed up as the fourth
member immediately as he added considerably to the music (by the way heís
back on the fags!). Anton was good - During the controversial FOF solo, a
friend sitting next to moi shouted - "Wow, better than Hackett". I agree.

The crowd-pleasers : "Throwing It All Away", We Canít Dance", "Land Of
Confusion" and even "Mama" sounded tired next to the energy of "Calling All
Stations", "Congo", "Not about Us" and the acoustic set.

The biggest let down was the crowd - sitting throughout till Invisible Touch
showed that Genesis can not afford to sit back for another five years. I got
the impression many people came out of curiosity to se the Collins hits than
to hear the new stuff. Genesis built up their enthusiastic fan base by their
performances - we need a live album (microphones pointing at the crowd were
spotted at Newcastle - has anyone seen videos being made) and a new album by
the end of Ď98/early í99 to take Genesis into the new millennium!