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Genesis are back and as powerful as ever


Genesis are F---ing great!!!!!!!!!

We have just come thru the door from the concert, absolute magic.

The stage was smaller than I'd thought it would be, Anthony Drennam playing on
the far left hand side, Mike in the middle and Tony at the far right. Nir on
the drums at the back and Ray singing at various points on the stage using a
radio mike at times.

There were no sign of any jumbotrons, and for me this was the worst light show
I've seen Genesis perform with although this takes nothing from their music,
they sound as good if not better than ever. Ray is a superb frontman and has
found his own charisma on stage. After the opening numbers, NSOM and LOC, he
greeted the crowd and then warned everybody that if anyone mentioned where
isPC, I shouted "Who Needs PC", they will be escorted from the building. If
any one asks where is Peter they will be locked up. I got the nod/smile from
Ray, Mike and Anthony at various times throughout the show. They played the
normal set list with the added NAU in the accoustic section. Nir plays his
heart out on the drums, never to PC standard but still very good and got a
deserved applause after his drum solo for the start of Dividing Line. The bass
was incredibly loud, reminded me of that advert for Maxell tapes where the man
is sat in his chair listening to his music at high volume and his hair blown
back by the sheer power.
Plenty vari lights, some smoke effects and about half way thru a white curtain
covered the back drop and various images were screened on this. No jumbotrons
in sight. The towers that kept on going up and down looked a little cheap
Genesis can do better with their light show.

The crowd sang, danced shouted for Ray and he visibly relaxes when he saw they
had accepted him as the front man. Mike and Tony also smiled alot and seemed
to enjoy the whole thing.

The accoustic section was a highlight of the show, with Ray sitting on the
edge of the stage for FYFM and the full crowd singing along. He sang SEBTP and
this was a good sound, Suppers Ready got a good reception, they could have
played the whole thing for me and others too.
After a while you tend to forget its not PC on the stage and this makes the
show more enjoyable. He is every bit as good as PC if not better because he
has given the band a fresh new sound that will continue for many years yet. He
never once tried to copy PC. Even on WCD he did it his own way, got a girl up
on stage, danced with her, forgot some words, who cares, Mike laughed. The
part where he sings "...the perfect body......." he just stood first next to
Mike and sang this at him and then the next time sang it at Tony.

No mention of the box set, but we know the release date for that now.
I certainly hope its not another six years before Genesis grace the stage

This was not a sell out crowd, the arena can hold about 9000, and estimations
would set the crowd at 4000-5000 ish. I say the people who stayed away don't
know what they have missed tonight.
The merchandise was selling well, no posters to be seen or bought, but
everything else was there.

I got quite a few remarks regarding my tee shirt, one that I made for this
concert. People asking where can I buy a shirt like that because the ones on
sale are crap. I said I made them myself.

As I say Genesis are back and strong as ever and they must play the USA soon.