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Glasgow - Ray's Homecoming

Suitably bedecked in dark velvet tartan trousers, Ray Wilson took to the
stage for his first appearance in his homeland with Genesis - and boy did he
enjoy it. Me - I'm still coming to terms with a night where I was three rows
from the front and totally blown away by what was a fantastic show. Setlist
as usual - no Alien Afternoon,NAU added to the acoustic set (I thougt FYFM
was outstanding) and a return to TMBSOW. Mike seemed to enjoy himself -
never seen him rocking as much. Tony, well Tony just does what he does - the
occasional sip from his beer and business as usual. Anthony fits in well - a
bit laid back though, and Nir was amazing - brilliant drummer. But the star
of the show in Scotland was of course Mr Wilson. He handled the very old
songs, not so very old and new stuff brilliantly. His voice on Mama was
unbelievable and I can understand some earlier comments on this being the
"best version ever"! But please, please someone tell him to employ another
script writer!
Highlights for me were the aforementioned FYFM, Mama, The Dividing LIne
(awesome) and of course TLLDOB, CC, TIOA and another 15 or so songs :-) My
biggest regret is that I did not try harder to persuade my wife that this
years holiday would come around a little earlier and we'd spend 2 nights in
beautiful Birmingham, then a lovely day in London, back to Glorious Glasgow,
followed by a short hop to naughty Newcastle etc etc etc.
For the many who commented on my earlier post regarding my four year old
son, I did not take him. And anyway, both him and I would have spent that
last part of the show in the toilets after Ray's friendly little laugh
during Mama ;-) Still, he got his program.
All in all a brilliant show from the guys who can still claim to be the best
band in world.