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Genesis in Brussels - contradictory review

The setlist was the same as those already reviewed (and we had Mama), and
the speeches, jokes, girl on stage and so on as well...

There was too much bass, the sound was not very good, the jumbotrons were
completely useless except for 'Domino', 'The dividing line' and 'Alien
afternoon', Mike Rutherford moved as much as my poor grandmother after she
had fallen downstairs, the audience was cold and old (they all looked like
my parents), I missed Peter, I missed Steve, I missed Phil the drummer, I
missed Phil the singer so much, I thought I would never say this but yes, I
missed Phil the singer, I even missed Daryl during the 'Firth of fifth'
solo, but...despite all was a great show !

Dark and heavy, hmmm ? I feel sorry for all those who won't have the
opportunity to see this Genesis on stage this time, because you have to see
them perform live to understand Mike's comments about 'darker and heavier'.
They have never been so powerful, I was completely blown away by this
energy. Even 'I can't dance' was very heavy ! I've seen them on the WCD tour
six years ago, and it's another band we're talking about now. These
Testosterone versions of their Collins-era songs were really amazing.
Highlights : Domino, Mama and Home by the sea. Of course, they lost a little
bit of the delicate, coloured side of their music, which was quite obvious
in 'Carpet Crawlers' and 'Throwing it all away' for example. I still don't
understand why they choose to perform these songs because they're obviously
in a heavy mood. Another feeling I had was that since they turned darker,
Tony is musically set back. Someone who didn't know the whole history of the
band yesterday evening could easily think that Genesis was Nir's band more
than anyone else's. He gave such a power to the songs that most of them are
completely different. As one of my friend told me (we were eight members of
our new French speaking mailing list) in French : 'this drummer doesn't hit
on velvet', which I think makes sense in English :)

The songs from CAS were great, especially... well all of them although I
would have liked to hear 'One man's fool' and 'Uncertain weather'.

The accoustic set was excellent, they should make it longer because they
reach a musical and emotionnal height I would not have expected listening to
the Cape canaveral broadcast.

This new Genesis is as different from the Collins-Genesis as the
without-Steve or Peter Genesis was from the with-Steve or Peter Genesis.
This is something we gonna have to get used to. Personnally, it's done, and
I can't wait for the next album and tour.