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Genesis- The Recycling Tour live in Berlin



I've been in Berlin at the same time like Genesis and decided to go and see
it together with Dirk from Sussudio. I don't know about other posts of that
particular concert as I'm only subscribing for a few days (so flame me next
week, I'll be off then!), but here's what I thought of it.

No son of mine -- The very beginning is excellent, only white lights and
the drum pattern; it takes much longer than usually before the keyboards
start. Great version. Ray does some strange movements and doesn't seem to
be too used to all that yet, but improves during the show.

Land Of Confusion

Lamb-- well, first reason for me calling it The Recycling Tour: Ray takes a
big sheet of paper with the german national colours on one side and a
german text on the other to welcome us in german.. that's just too Phil; he
should use his proper jokes and ideas and not the ones of Mr. Collins. The
song itself is fantastic, it's the first time I see it live and it's

Calling All Stations-- finally the jumbotrons appear, but only three, and
they don't move at all, it's quite different from what they showed in
advance. Were they forced to reduce their means because of the lack of
interest in the US or what?

Alien Afternoon

Carpet Crawlers -- difficult with Ray, he doesn't have the necessary
"magic" which both Peter and Phil had.

There Must Be Some Other Way -- Ray actually talks of Phil while he
introduces this song which astonished me, he says that this was the first
song where he had to sing without having prepared any lyrics. Really strong
performance, Ray is very convincing, this is the type of song which suits
him very well.

Domino/ The Last Domino-- Some of my Genesis-favorites, excellent sound,
but Recycling again, the same Screen animations like on the WCD-tour.


Firth of fifth-- EXCELLENT performance, but disappointing solo from

Congo-- I couldn't stop laughing about this ridiculous video in the
background, some poor jungle pictures which repeat after some moments
(recycling tour). Maybe they should use some scenes from the new Tarzan
movie? Then they could advertise in the US with "Come to see Genesis live,
the show where you'll see bits of Tarzan, the movie with PHIL COLLINS
music" and the tour would be sold out.

Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea-- EXCELLENT performance again.
Great, cristal clear sound. Very good jumbotrons, but, ahm, aren't these
pictures recycled?

Dancing With The Moonlit Knight-- not a song for Ray Wilson. He introduces
it with a comment on the album-launch mini-concert which had taken place in
Berlin as well.

Follow You Follow Me-- very nice version, very unplugged.

Lover's Leap -- again, I don't think Ray's voice is made for this kind of

Mama-- some technical problems at the beginning, some elements are missing
for a few moments, but then everything sounds perfect. His laughing is
alright, but there is nothing left of the dramatic feeling... it is a bit
like a good cover band version.

The Dividing Line -- EXCELLENT. Longer than on the CD and a very good Nir.
One of my favorites not only of the album but also of this concert.

Invisible Touch-- Ray tries to make just a part of the audience sing and
scream (the left part, then the right, then those in the back and so on)
just like Phil did during the introduction of Domino, so, here we are,
Recycling again.

Turn it on Again-- not too exciting version. Recycling again during the
band introduction with "me" when he introduces himself at the end.


Throwing It All Away-- I couldn't believe they were playing this song since
I thought this type of songs was meant when Tony said in an interview that
there are certain songs which just don't go with Ray's voice.

I Can't Dance-- Now, who said this was a recycling tour? They have two new
ideas. First, they take a girl on stage on do a ridiculous little dance
which is to me neither funny nor necessary. And then, he doesn't do the
walk but something in between, some strange movements but not the real
thing. Again a song which I absolutely didn't expect to see on this tour, a
poor performance, a song which is too much connected with Phil.

So that was it. All in all most of the time excellent sound with perfect
performances of Mr. Banks and Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Drennan who does a good
job and Mr. Z a very good job and Mr. Wilson who will certainly still
improve as the tour proceeds and in upcoming tours. I liked several of the
songs with his voice, but there are other songs where he simply isn't the
right man for it so they should replace these songs, or make instrumental
versions out of it.

One more word to the recycling thing. Of course every concert, every tour
contains some old elements, things which have been performed before and
which were that good that they decided to stay with them. But IMO they just
made too much of that recycling on this tour (maybe because the word
"recylcing" is a bit similar to "Ray") . More new elements would have been
more interesting. I just think they don't really know what to do, CAS
hasn't sold too well so they don't play very much of it, and on the other
side they want to get back to that famous darker and heavier sound but they
play I Can't Dance and Invisible Touch, really dark and heavy songs, right?
Make up your minds, guys.