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So last night it was Mannheim... was loud, hot, and smoky. It was packed and I couldn't get a
satisfyingly unobstructed view of the whole stage, so I probably only got a
few good pictures. But the screen animations were pretty good indeed. CAS
and Alien Afternoon are very impressive.

The stage is in fact the same size as without screens, actually the two
speaker towers on the sides are smaller than those we saw in Budapest.
Nevertheless, the sound wasn't exactly better - a little louder than in
Budapest and more treble distortions (especially when Ray sang at full

Ray mentioned the contest in which German fans could choose five songs to be
played at the indivvidual German shows - he said No Son Of Mine had won and
Carpet Crawlers was second. He didn't mention Tonight x 3.
What he did mention was this radio station FFH so I already had a suspicion
that this might be because they are broadcasting it. So they apparently did
(who told you that, Greg?)