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Mannhiem Concert

as first a short impression of the Mannheim-Concert:

A: Jumbotrons: No movies or videos are shown, but animated cartoons. 3 unmovable Jumbotrons behind the
curtain, which was moved partly

B: Sound: Absolutely bad! Rays singing was not loud enough, the Bass too loud, Mike had on one song big problems

C: They use half of the hall for concert, the other (unused) half was backstage

D: Stage: Very small with only 45 Vari-Lites over the stage.

E: Lightshow: Hm, good but not as big as Genesis has on TSL/IT/WCD-Tour.

F: Musicians: Mike A, Tony A+, Ray A, Nir B+, Anthony Drennan E!

G: Broadcast: After the concert I heard that Radio FFH (german) has broadcast the concert and send it on air!
But: there were 4 Cameras in the Hall

H: the Band: Tony drunks Beer, the others water. Mike was dressed black-violet, Tony black-black, Ray black-white

I: advertising: in the hall T-Shirts and other things. very expensive. In front of the hall for a half price

1. No son of mine
The Opener - Ray sings it much better then Phil! No Jumbotrons

2. Land of confusion
Ray sounds fantastic! No Jumbotrons

3. Lamb lies down on Broadway
Perfect, Mikes "Piano"-playing sounds great (like a Piano!). I don't remember Jumbotrons

4. Calling all stations
Really great, a perfect live version, better as on CD! With Jumbotrons

5. Alien afternoon
Great, with Jumbotrons

6. Carpet crawlers
PERFECT, without Jumbotrons

7. There must be some other way
Good, maybe without Jumbotrons

8. Domino
A new experience, but much powerfull than the Phil-versions, with Jumbotrons

9. Shipwrecked
As on CD, no Jumbotrons

10. Firth of fifth
Only instrumental. Very bad version!!! Some Fans and I asked ourserlves, what the hell Anthony Drennan played there! Mostly one couldn't recognise his playing as FOF. Anthony Drennans Part was terrible! Not like Steve and not like Daryl - it sounds more like drunken Pink Floyd. No Jumbotrons

11. Congo
The live version is aboslutely great!!! Jumbotrons (but not the Congo-Video!)

12. Home by the sea
Great, Jumbotrons

13. Dancing with the moonlit knight (intro)
Very well done by Tony, Nir, Ray and Mike. Anthony Drennan? Who's that?

14. Follow you follow me
Sentimental and great.

15. Lover's leap
As on CD-Single

16. Mama
Great. But Rays laughing ... He waits on a reaction by the fans after / while doing laughing, but there wasn't any
reaction. His laughing is ok but not as "ill" as Phils.Tony plays his parts a bit other than on the last tours. No Jumbotrons

17. Dividing line
Great live version, much longer as on CD, with Jumbotrons. The Drum-Solo was ok, but I think, that it is not "compatible" to TDL. Long Guitar-solos by Anthony and Mike at the beginning of the song and on the end.

17. Invisible touch
Good. "She want to mess up" instead of "wants to fuck up". No Jumbotrons

18. Turn it on again
Good, partly with Jumbotrons

19. Throwing it all away
Instead of DIAEEH Ray wants the fans to sing AWAY, no Jumbotrons

20. I can't dance
Good version, no Jumbotrons.

Against the choice of the radio-FFH-listeners Tonight Tonight Tonight was not played!

Ok, that as a first impression