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2.2.98 Prague

yesterday, just right 2 months after seeing Phil singing live, i heard
its last band called... egh, forgot its name...
well, what should I say ??

most of it was written from those, who seen Budapest show. I can mostly
agree. The only difference was when Ray take radio receiver and began
tuning some station - as he said: "trying to find some Genesis".. well,
this was the beggining of SHIPWRECKED which replaced HOMH. The
in-between stories was probably the same as in first night, but Ray
tryed to talk some Czech words and he was quite charming :))

so what i dont like on the show?

- the lights: they are very poor. well there were some grat moments, but
i expected much more from the band like Genesis is.

- Drennan: he wasnt bad, but i dont enyoed his playing. although the
guitarist duet in TDL was awesome

- the drums solo in TDL. it wasnt bad, but it sounded like Nir is trying
the good sound on every single drum.

- the sound. well in some mometnts i heard only bass. no keyboards, no
guitars, no voices.. just bass, drums.

- alien afternoon: they should try something different, like OMF.

- at the end, when Ray said "And from Scotland, ME !".. well, i am not
blaming for imitating Phil, but Ray is not famous as Phil is, and people
were waiting for his name.

and what i like?

- show was sold out - about 9000 people.

- the voice: Ray's voice is magnific (so his eyes are, as said my
girlfriend: he looked at her on every second song...grrrrrr:)

- Ray, showman: for those Philish you are saying, that Ray should not
imitate Phil, i am saying, he is doing WELL. anyway he didnt do it
often. He is really good frontman and i never thought he could be.. but
he IS! king is (almost) dead, long live Ray :)

- the music: it was simply great, especially from Domino on, which was
little speeded up and sounds fantastic... the people was blown away with
this :)

- they played a lot of older and longer songs: well, others people were
quite cold against this "medieval" music, but it was FANTASTIC!

- acoustic set: DWTML was greeeaaaat! but FYFM was familiar like
Solsbury Hill :-D i think that lot of people think it :)

- they played Shipwrecked. much better choise than Hold on my Heart.

- Nir: he is very good drummer, i think. i am not musician, but i've
really enjoyed his sound.

- paperlaters: there were some :)) (why dont you told me that?)

- the show was recorded by our TV -- so i hope they will play it soon on

that is all i have to say. it is good show, but i think it will be
better on bigger stadiums. if you can see the show, see it - it is