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Earl's Court Review

Well, not bad - let's say 7 out of 10.

High point of the set: There Must Be Some Other Way. Great song, great
performance, truly enjoyable. Calling All Stations and Congo sounded great too
- nice screen animation.

Lowest point of the set: Mama and Dividing Line. Truly disappointing. Mama
sounded inadequate all round. Tony's idea of putting a flanger on the
pulsating sound was a big mistake and it killed the atmosphere straight away.
Ray lacked the tension, urgency and drama that is required for the song and
the drums were mixed too low and didn't hit you in the chest as it should.
They should have played Abacab instead.

I was expecting a lot from The Dividing Line, but it crashed dramatically. The
never ending bass of guitar hero rubbish before the true start of the song was
totally inadequate and out of place. Who does he think he is playing for? Pink
Floyd featuring Van Halen?!

Drums: Nir didn't play what he did on the album and his drum solo was a solo
that any run of the mill drummer would do, and it was inadequate...yet again.
What a shame, this performance was way too long, ineffective and uninspired.

I don't know where they got that guitarist from, but he was rubbish. He
destroyed Firth Of Fifth with his tasteless guitarcompletely out of context
form the song.

Yet the acoustic set was enjoyable and it was nice to see Tony on the acoustic
again. The Lamb and Carpet Crawl were well delivered and pleasant although
perhaps lacking a bit of emotion on vocals. The other songs were well
performed but lacking again of feel and emotion generally.

I could not help remembering how much I enjoyed Genesis in 87 and 92 (when it
was then 11 out of 10!) and felt slightly sad and frustrated. My heart was
crying out "Phil, come back and set me free!"