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London Gig

I really wanted to give some thoughts on Fridays gig in London.

SO as not to bore people I do it in bullet points.

Nearly all the intro music was The Beatles

Sound was pretty dire. I was only a quarter way back from the stage at
ground level and the bass boomed, the keyboards were very quiet and were
obliterated by the bass and drums most of the time. The vocals were
indistinct. I couldn't hear any actual bass lines - very woolly. It
seems like the sound had lots of reverb on it, Earls Court doesn't need
this. The Sound rig wasn't powerful enough and "bottomed" out. Overall
one of the quietest gig's I've ever been to.

Nir is phenomenally good. His drum solo during Dividing Line was almost
pure jazz by the way he played through the bass riff. Superb.

Lighting was effective but limited.

Acoustic set was brilliant.

There were lots of people going in and out for the whole gig, I couldn't
understand why.

The audience enjoyed the old stuff better. It certainly seems true that
the audience base is pre '80s. Lots of people were singing along to the
old stuff.

The key changes were all OK. In SHBTS the key went back up to the
original. This was really weird as we only had the short drum beat
before the key change and to my ears it jolted a bit. When Ray came back
on to sing the end bit, it was obviously too high for him.

Mama was brilliant. Vocals too quiet.

Set was over very quickly and to end on ICD is such a waste. Compared to
the end on Live and Seconds Out it has no dramatic impact.

FOF is great. Anthony really has captured the mood of the piece. He
ensures that the obvious "hooks" remain and freeways around the rest of
the time.

Programme was a rip off. I obviously bought one, but


Conclusion. I enjoyed the gig and I hope they have a fire in their belly
for more albums and gigs but I'm desperate to hear them in a decent
venue, like the Hammersmith Odeon. This should ensure that I can
actually hear the full impact of the carefully crafted/texture songs. If
I didn't know how the songs should have sounded I would probably have
been bored.