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Earls Court

A short review...

Just a note to say that I loved it. I thought the selection of material was
a fair compromise of old and new, and it was especially great not to have
medleys (I would have liked the whole of 'Firth' though!). It was strange
hearing ALL the songs (except Congo) in lower keys, especially the Lamb in
D. It must have been hell for Tony Banks to transpose that piano solo!

I thought that the new musicians were superb. Anthony Drennans guitar and
bass playing was both tasteful and aggressive, and Nir Z gave the band a
harder edge not heard since the 'Duke' tour. Above all, Ray Wilsons
faithful interpretations combined with a warm, unassuming personality gave
Genesis a direct emotional punch that I have never seen them throw before.

Mike and Tony were great, especially Tony on the Lamb and Mike on Firth of
Fifth (great to see the old bass pedals!).

The lights, while not the 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' experience
one expects, were nevertheless well used and complimentary to the music.

The sound was much louder and heavier than recently, the lower keys of the
songs giving them a darker feel. Even 'Invisible Touch', surely the lame
duck of the Genesis canon, had an energy and power not apparent on any
previous renderings.

In short, bloody brilliant. Complaints? No mid period stuff (Nothing off
Trick or Wind and Wuthering).

Roll on next tour!

Doug (Keyboards, ReGenesis)