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Hi All,

I saw the 2d night at Birmingham and the Earl's Court and my reaction is
wow! At Birmingham, I give them an A. Earl's Court was slightly less
good, in my opinion, perhaps because the sound was much worse in that
venue. I had better seats and it still sounded worse. The band was
amazing and I thought that all the PC era songs sounded better with RW
singing them--just my opinion. I guess I like them in the lower key. The
weaknesses--Anthony Drennan sounds more like Hackett than Daryl did, but
some of his solos were a bit undercooked in my view. The part of the Firth
solo that Drennan played as a copy of the original sounded closer to the
original than Daryl ever played it in terms of tone etc. IN fact, it
sounded more like the original at that part than the Seconds Out version.
Nir Z is a really good drummer, but not in the same league as Phil Collins
or Bill Bruford, to name two ex-Genesis drummers. But he was great on
Dividing Line and I was happy to see that song get a very strong reaction
in London. Alien Afternoon came off way better live than There Must Be
Some Other Way, and I say this even though I like the latter song better on
the CD.