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Met Genesis in Milan and kbd setup

nice evening yesterday in Milan.
After I had the opportunity to take place at the sound check, 20 of us met
This happened thanks to Enrico and Paolo, friends to the italian fanzine Dusk.
I asked Tony about the setup. He was not in the mood 'cause he answered
only to few questions.

I was lucky to be in those who got an answer.
The misteriuos keyboard on Tony's left hand side is a JD800 (he told me so).
The other 2 are of course the Trinity and the Rhodes.
He has 3 racks.
2 are visible from the front of the stage, the third is hidden behind the
other 2.
The 2 visible ones contain all the midi expanders and midi controlling
equipement, also some effects.
In particular I was able to recognize, the EMU4, two Emu vintage Keys, two
Korg 01W/R.

The midi net is controlled by 2 Opcode Studio 5.
The mixer for the midi rack is a Mackie line mixer (16 stereo channels).

The keyboards are grouped on the third rack. There is another Mackie line mixer
for them.

I had the impression that not everything was used to make the sounds.
In particular many of the expander seem to be double in case of troubles.

Looking at the midi expander mixer, only 2 or 3 channel leds were blinking
when used. And they were everytime the same. In many songs, the leds were
off, meaning that the sounds came only from the keyboards.

The guitar equipement includes a BossGT5 pedalboard for Drennan and a Roland
pedalboard for Mike.

Ray is a good singer. Too bad that just after few dates his voice is gone
on the upper side. He was not able to reach the highest notes of Congo's

Drennan was a surprise. Ilike him much more than Stuermer. In terms of
sound he is far away from Genesis classic but his Holdsworthish way of
soloing has to be appreciated. Of course the original is the best, but I
prefer Drennan than Stuermer, for the improvisation on Firth.

I really did not like the drummer. He has no dinamic at all. All the
strokes had the same strengh and volume, no expression.
This is more for Simple Minds than for Genesis.
The drum solo showed a drummer that still has to learn a lot to reach his
aspirations. He tried to do some numbers taken from the Billy Cobam's
classic drum licks, but he still has a long way to go. Some could point out
that he is young, and he really is, but go and listen how Carl Palmer
played when he was only 20.

The song list was a delusion for me, a fan who likes the seventies.
Anyway, it was the first time for me at a Genesis show and I enjoyed it.