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Genesis Live in Bologna - 17.2.98

I just returned from Bologna (200km) where there was the first Genesis show in Italy.
Only few words as i'm very tired:

* Terrible organization: i (and not only) had my numbered place in row number 28, but the rows were 21.... imagine the confusion

* There weren't the jumbotrons !!

* Ray is a very good singer and IMHO he sings better the PG era songs then the PC songs era, with one exception:Mama, amazing!

* Nir Z is a fantastic drummer. He gained a standing ovation during The Dividing line.

* Italian fans sang all the very-old songs (Carpet, Lamb, Knight, Supper's..). I think that the average age was near 35-40.... You know what i think, true? We old-hard-die-old genesis fans are MANY!

* A very nice show. I hope that the show in Milan (19.2) have the jumbotrons and more people.