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Comments on the Zurich Show

The tourlist has already been posted and maybe even a review, so here just
some additional comments on the second (and last show of this tour) I saw:
Zurich Friday 13th.

Apart from the fact that it would have been great to see Mama, I liked this
one better than Berlin (and I don't think that's only because I had met
them !!). The audience obviously liked the performance a lot.
-Since we were standing in the third row I could see Nir through the
construction of the stage appearing as the first person before NSOM. He was
smoking and seemed very nervous, which is perfectly understandable. Much
later, after FYFM, Mike said sth to Nir and Nir left the stage and smoked
again, and I had the feeling he was nervous again, this time maybe because
of TDL. Anyhow, when the rest of the band had played LL, Ray announced TDL
saying that the next song would feature Nir Z and that it would be quite
demanding for him.. which is right. Nir's playing was excellent though, and
different than in Berlin. I think that on almost all the songs he does a
great job- keep him for the future!
-Ray's introduction to CC was: "This is the very first Genesis song I ever
heard. A friend of mine played it to me on the piano and later on I sang to
it. It's a strange feeling singing it now, many years later, with Genesis!"
-Ray seemed to have some problems with his voice (as we all know, a problem
completely new to this band), especially during LOC and at another song
later on, maybe Home By The Sea, both Tony and Mike looked at him when he
had a problem with singing it. A woman of the staff who had brought me to
the meeting had told me before that Ray had had a "preparation time" for
his voice of more than an hour. His voice problems might have been the
reason for not playing Mama.
- The FoF-Solo of Ant Drennan was IMO better than in Berlin, I liked it
much better, it was sort of closer to how we know it (uuh now Jorge will
flame me (again) cos I like sth "recycled").
-During ICD Ray finally did the walk! Only a few steps, but it was *it*,
and he also left the stage this way.

Great show all in all, I think they are improving a lot and this will
probably continue so that I'm already looking forward to their next album
and tour....