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February 10, 1998 Live in Dortmund Germany

Florian's Review
Susanne's Review Arne's Review

Dortmund 1
Dortmund 2
Dortmund 3
Dortmund 4
Dortmund 5
Dortmund 6
Dortmund 7
Dortmund 8
Dortmund 9

Sound Clips
Mama (MP3)


-No Son of Mine

-Land of Confusion

-The Lamb lies down on Boadway

-Calling all Stations

-Alien Afternoon

-The Carpet Crawlers

-There must be some other way



-Firth of Fifth (Instr. Part)


-Home by the Sea

Acoustic Set:

---Dancing with the Moonlit Knight

---Follow You, Follow Me

---Lover´s Leap (Supper´s Ready)


-The Dividing Line

-Invisible Touch

-Turn it on again


-Throwing it all Away

-I Can´t Dance

-Pictures 1-9 Courtesy of Volker (Take a Little Trip Back)
Mama MP3 Courtesy Of Stefan's Genesis Homepage