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Poland Show

I was on Genesis' show in Poland. FYI, the show was in Katowice, south of Poland, not in Warsaw. I can only say: "It was the best concert in my life". I'm not dedicated fan of Genesis but I like CAS very much. It is quite diffrent that previous album. That's why I went to Katowice to see the show.

As it was the first Genesis concert in Poland the audience was very mixed /20-40+/, I saw many parents with their kids. Some of them listen to Genesis with PGabriel, others with P.Colins, so the audience wanted to compare the new vocalist with the former once.

BTW, CAS was not know in Poland very well. CONGO was the only song which you could hear in the Polish radio. And this truck was number 1 on Hits List of Program3.

Ray was a little nervous at the begining but when they started CAS truck the audience started singing with him. And when Ray said a few words in Polish most of the people accepted him totally. All his jokes about Mike, Tony and others from the band were funny and audiecne and the band too had a good time. When Ray took a girl from the audience to teach him dance when he was singing the last song at the concert "I can't dance", I thought "hey he is OK, it looks like he really enjoy singing for us". :)

The lighting effects were great. The sound was fountastic. As I was standing near the stage I felt that musik is just inside me. It was a wonderful feeling. I was only disapointed that they played only 6 trucks from CAS. I really like One Man's Fool and I hoped to hear it.

AFAIK it was the largest concert in Poland and all tickets were sold out long before. What's more Polish TV showed the whole concert /Ist part on 08.00 p.m. and 2nd part at about 00.30 a.m./, so most of the Polish could see the concert. As the show ended at about 10.30 p.m. I managed to see the second part of show on TV. But the sound was very bad so IMO these who were not in "Spodek" /such we call the place where was the concert/, could feel a litlle disapointed.

It's great that I can see news from their tour on your website. It makes that I still can have this great feeling of happines which I had just after the concert.