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January 31, 1998 Live in Warsaw, Poland

The second show for Genesis in 98. Otherwise known as "Seconds Out For Ray".
I had the chance to listen in on this show via RealAudio and Radio3 in Poland. They came on with a 2 hour preshow radio special on Genesis, with various interviews and album tracks. About an hour before the show, the band was brought into the studio and given a short interview. They seemed ready and sure of themselves! Then at about 2:00EST Genesis came on stage. They only stayed at the show for the first 4 songs, but it was well worth it! At least we heard it, that's what I say!

Renata's Review

Sound Clips

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Real Audio)

Set List

1. No son of mine

2. Land of confusion

3. Lamb lies down on Broadway

4. Calling all stations

5. Alien afternoon

6. Carpet crawlers

7. There must be some other way

8. Domino

9. Shipwrecked

10. Firth of fifth

11. Congo

12. Home by the sea

13. Dancing with the moonlit knight (intro)

14. Follow you follow me

15. Lover's leap

15. Mama

16. Dividing line

17. Invisible touch

18. Turn it on again

19. Throwing it all away

20. I can't dance

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