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January 29, 1998 Live In Budapest, Hungary

                                                    Tibor '98

The first show of the *new* Genesis' career! Should i say most anticipated? Most people were against the fact of going to see the new lineup as they were through, done with, finished. Well think again, Genesis are back and better then ever (sounds like an advertisement eh?) With this first show it was sure to change people's minds. Genesis put forth a strong effort to still strive to the top with Genesis fans. The tracks list is much the same as we heard in the final warm up gig except for one change.

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1. No son of mine

2. Land of confusion

3. Lamb lies down on Broadway

4. Calling all stations

5. Hold on my heart

6. Alien afternoon

7. There must be some other way

8. Domino

9. Carpet crawlers

10. Firth of fifth

11. Congo

12. Home by the sea

13. Dancing with the moonlit knight (intro)

14. Follow you follow me

15. Lover's leap

16. Mama

17. Dividing line

18. Invisible touch

18. Turn it on again

19. Throwing it all away

20. I can't dance