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Budapest Rehersal

Last night six Paperlaters (Duncan and Lisa Philips, Tom Oaster, Volker
Warncke, Zoltán Sessler and me) had the pleasure of attending the very last
rehearsal before the first show of the Calling All Stations Tour and we all
are looking forward to being there again tonight.

We not only had a chance to enjoy almost two and half hours live from our
beloved GENESIS but we also received their signatures, some drumsticks from
Nir and had a short coversation as well. Some pictures were also taken.
There was no press present at all - only those lucky few and I am happy
that I could be one of them.
First of all about the setlist - it is the same as that of Friday's
rehearsal with only one exception: That's All was replaced by Alien
Afternoon. It went like this:

No Son of Mine

Land of Confusion

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Calling All Stations

Hold On My Heart

Alien Afternoon

There Must be Some Other Way


The Carpet Crawlers

Firth of Fifth (Part II)


Home By The Sea

Acoustic set:

Dancing With The Moonlit Knight

Follow You Follow Me

Supper's Ready


The Dividing Line

Invisible Touch

Turn It On Again

Throwing It All Away

I Can't Dance

As for the setlist we were told that it would definitely change as the tour
goes on - on seeing people's reaction. It is not quite sure that we will
have the same tonight. There were no screens at all - we were told that
they are much too large and heavy to take and install to some places but
they will be used on some venues like in Mannheim.

To give a very brief comment first I must say that I am very happy to have
Genesis here in my hometown and I thank my good fortune that I could be
there last night. For me it was great to hear the old stuff and also the
new one. And in my view that is what matters - all the rest is a question
of taste, liking and disliking... Of course, all of us make comparisons
(Ray singing v. Peter of Phil, Nir playing the drums or the guitar solo in
Firth Of Fifth etc.) but everything is changing and we are changing, too. I
can not go back to the seventies and I will never be young again so I try
to have an open mind to accept what Genesis is today, not turning my back
on them but enjoying what is left - and I must confess that I enjoyed it a
lot. All the rest is for the highbrow who will surely make accurate

A new singer with new voice and new character naturally changes a lot and
mainly in old songs - these are naturally different from the original ones
and I think we need some time to get used to them. For me Ray was very good
in The Carpet Crawlers and (beleive or not) Supper's Ready but in some
cases his voice was far more different from what I got used to in certain
songs as in the beginning of Dancing With The Moonlit Knight. I am afraid
he neither will take us to magical journeys nor is he the showman full of
life and homour - he is simply another person and very new - what about
giving him a chance. Anthony is a bit low-key for me but did well. I liked
Nir very much - a very talented young drummer (and how friendly he is!).
Mike and Tony were very serious - I had a feeling that even they need some
time to get accustomed to the new situation. It could have been interesting
to know what was on their minds... I know this is only a personal view and
perhaps you expected to read something else - maybe the others will post
more detailed information. I plan to write a song-by-song comment based on
tonight's show.

I have to say a word about the lights. When we entered the hall we saw
relatively few lights. On the stage there are four huge pipes, accasionally
moving up and down. On top of each one there is a big headlight, reminding
me of a lighthouse. After a couple of songs a big white curtain covers the
back part of the stage where colours and figures are projected. I noticed
that there was no change in lights throughout certain songs, while others
had quite pretty effects. All I missed was the kind of thing I saw when
playing In The Cage.
We had sad news about ticket sales: only a third of the seats were sold
which is quite a shame for the first show. Anyway, we will be there...